Shop a SUPERSIZE Body Tan Activator on offer at QVC

Shop a SUPERSIZE Body Tan Activator on offer at QVC

There is no doubt that natural sunlight and a healthy tan can enhance our “feel good” vibes.  Here at Ultrasun, our priority has always been protecting your skin from harmful UV rays in formulas that suit your lifestyle and skin tone and to ensure everyone stays safe, even those that love a natural tan. 

Our Body Tan activator protects your skin with a very high UVA filter of 90% and high SPF30 but it also contains a natural ingredient called Bronzyl which has been proven to accelerate tanning by over 40% in 10 days.  This innovative ingredient is locked into Lamellar technology to penetrate deep into the skin layers where it stimulates the production of melanin for an even and long lasting tan. There’s no need to apply for weeks or even days ahead, our Body Tan Activator works immediately.

By accelerating the tanning process, you reduce the risk of trauma due to overexposure. You should not and do not need to burn red before developing a tan, a common myth we're keen to debunk. You can relax and enjoy your days in the sun, take regular shade breaks, ensure you are covered and out of the mid-day sun because you know knowing that you are maximising every moment. 

This lightweight and hydrating formula absorbs effortlessly into the skin and can be used on the face and body.  Free from oil, perfume, emulsifiers or preservatives, it’s suitable for all skin types, even those with the most sensitive skin or prone to prickly heat.

We all need to feel great in the sun, to enjoy the confidence a tan can bring and to know that we are safe. If you thought it was one or the other, think again!

Buy this offer here exclusively at QVC until the end of May