Save 60% on a 4-Piece collection exclusive to QVC

Save 60% on a 4-Piece collection exclusive to QVC

Save 60% on a 4-Piece collection exclusive to QVC

Spring is finally here which is the perfect time to stock up on your sun protection. Ultrasun launch their first QVC Todays Special Value of 2022, with a choice of 3 incredible options. 

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Each collection includes 4 full-sized essential face and body formulas which have been carefully curated for specific lifestyles and skin types.  Our lightweight, comfortable non greasy textures are fast absorbing leaving zero residue and with options for the whole family, including those with sensitive skin to those that love a golden glow, you can relax knowing that you have long lasting protection from harmful UV rays

To help you make the right choice for your skin type and lifestyle, we’ve created a guide to showcase what’s inside each collection and their benefits:

Glimmer Collection

If you love a golden tan, this one’s for you!  With innovative tan accelerating actives, this collection ensures you’ll have a deep, even and long-lasting tan whilst staying safe in the sun.  Relax and take regular shade breaks knowing you’re maximising a golden glow.

Body Tan Activator SPF30 - This best-selling formula has become a new hero. Infused with the innovative active Bronzyl® which stimulates the production of melanin, proven to increase the tanning process by over 40% in ten days.  You’ll achieve a faster and prolonged even tan whilst protecting against immediate and long-term sun damage with high level UVB protection and a UVA filter of 90%

Tinted Face SPF30 -The perfect all-in-one moisturiser, Broad-Spectrum protection with a hint of colour which effortlessly blends into the skin and suits all skin tones. Includes Ectoin®, a rare natural enzyme scientifically proven to prevent UVA-induced premature photo ageing of the skin as well as antioxidant complex GSP-T which defends from environmental stress and the signs of ageing. Simply apply to clean dry skin for a one step skin care regime. Wear throughout the day for fuss free UV protection with a radiant light colour coverage . Suitable for very sensitive skin this formula has high UVB protection and a UVA filter of 90%

Glimmer SPF 20 - Illuminate your tan as tiny light reflecting particles create a flattering radiance for the ultimate sun kissed glow whilst keeping you safe from sun damage.  Beautifully hydrating, this lightweight cream is packed with antioxidants to protect and neutralise free radicals caused by sun exposure with a UVA filter of 85%

Lip SPF30 - A buttery soft balm that shields and protects the lips from cracking and UV damage in hot or cold temperatures. Infused with Blackcurrant Seed Oil, rich in Omega 3 & 6 for intense moisturisation. With a transparent finish, this balm is a must have for all members of the family.  It’s also a great lip primer as it sits perfectly under lipstick for a smooth, soft finish and a high UVA filter of 90%

Family Collection

The perfect choice for the whole family including those with sensitive, vulnerable skin or those prone to sun allergies.  This collection contains extreme formulas that deliver maximum levels of protection as well as our hero Family SPF 30.

Family SPF 30 - is recommended by dermatologists for those prone to sun allergies and prickly heat.  The perfect formula for the whole family, it’s suitable for children and those with sensitive skin. The lightweight cream texture is quickly and easily absorbed to leave your skin beautifully hydrated without any residue.  Water and towel resistant, this formula stays working in fun filled sunny days with a high level SPF and a UVA filter of pver 90%

Extreme SPF50+ - is designed for those with ultra-sensitive skin and intense conditions. We recommend this formula for those with fair skin that burns easily or for those that may have a history of sun damage.  Unlike typical high-level SPF, Our Extreme SPF 50+ is incredibly lightweight, comfortable to wear and can be used by children and babies and has a UVA filter of 95%.

Face SPF50+ -  is an all-in-one daily formula that not only protects but helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it encapsulates Ectoin to increase hydration levels as GSP-T complex defends from daily stresses. Use as a daily moisturiser, primer and long-lasting Broad-Spectrum protection.  Particularly recommended for those with vulnerable or fair skin, this formula has a 95% UVA filter.

Lip SPF30 - is of course included in our essential collection. It’s multipurpose use means it can be used as a sun block across the nose too!

Sports Collection

This collection is great for those that lead busy, active lifestyles looking for quick and easy application and fast, touch dry, sweat proof textures that work hard under high performance.

Sport SPF30 - Gel is a transparent liquid gel that’s quick and easy to apply. Gentle enough to use on the scalp, it’s ideal for thinning or receding hair.  It’s dry-touch technology absorbs within seconds making it a popular choice for men as it’s effortlessly applied through body hair. Tried and tested by elite athletes, this formula is water resistant and sweat proof and suitable for all skin types with a UVA filter of 90%

Sport Spray SPF50 - Can be applied with one hand, even upside down for ease of application. Due to dry touch technology the light mist absorbs into the skin immediately, leaving no marks to provide an invisible layer of very high protection and a UVA filter of 95%

Face SPF30 - Our hero Face SPF30 provides all-in-one skincare and sun protection to fight visible signs of ageing and restore lost moisture to the skin.  This lightweight and fast absorbing formula sinks into the skin quickly to give a perfect matte finish which allows flawless make up application whilst protecting throughout the day.  The unique lamellar formula delivers photostable, high level UVA, UVB, blue light & Infrared - A protection, as well as anti-ageing properties. Moisture levels are restored, and the skin is protected from solar damage. Simply use as your daily moisturiser for long lasting protection.

Lip SPF30 - travels with you in your handbag, gym bag, car and of course your pocket to keep vulnerable and delicate lips protected.

Worth up to £95, the unbeatable price of £38.98 is only available for a limited time and whilst stocks last. Shop the collection here