Your Essential Guide to Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation Formulas

Your Essential Guide to Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation Formulas

Your Essential Guide to Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation Formulas

Did you know that hyper-pigmentation is one of the most searched skin concerns in recent years?

UV rays cause pigmentation and it’s crucial you protect your skin, better yet, with formula’s that visibly reduce existing pigmentation whilst preventing it reoccurring!

To celebrate the launch of Ultrasun’s NEW Anti-Pigmentation Face Fluid SPF50+ we’ve created a simple guide to help you find your perfect Anti-Pigmentation formula.

How do UV rays contribute to Pigmentation?

When the skin is exposed to UV rays, it triggers the activation of melanocytes. These cells then start to produce melanin as a protective response. The melanin acts as a natural sun screen by absorbing and dissipating the UV radiation, preventing it from causing further damage to the DNA in your skin cells.

Overstimulation of melanocytes due to prolonged or intense exposure to UV rays can lead to an overstimulation of melanocytes, causing them to produce more melanin than usual. This excess melanin can result in uneven pigmentation, commonly referred to as hyperpigmentation.


What are the signs of pigmentation?

Increased melanin production can manifest as dark spots, freckles, sun spots, or age spots on the skin's surface. These are often areas where the melanocytes have been overstimulated and produced more pigment in response to concentrated UV exposure.

Why is it important to use broad-spectrum SPF when preventing pigmentation?

Both UVA and UVB rays contribute to pigmentation but they do so in slightly different ways. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and are associated with premature ageing, while UVB rays primarily affect the outer layers of the skin and are a major cause of sunburn. Think A for Ageing and B for Burning!


To protect the skin from UV-induced pigmentation, it is crucial to use broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF), seek shade during peak sun hours, and adopt other sun-safe practices such as wearing protective clothing and sunglasses. Preventing UV damage is not only essential for maintaining an even skin tone but also for overall skin health and minimising the risk of long-term damage.


Which UVA level protection should I look for?

UVA rays are around us every day in sunlight. They penetrate beneath the skins surface where they disrupt the production of collagen and elastin and are responsible for DNA and cell change, and accelerated skin ageing.  Ultrasun’s formulations contain UVA filters between 85% - 95% (against an EU standard of 33%).  You can find Ultrasun UVA filters clearly labelled on our packaging.


How are Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation formulas different to others?

Ultrasun is the only suncare brand to use patented Lamellar Technology to provide long-lasting, high-level, water-resistant protection. Lamellar gel structures have a high affinity to the natural structure of the skin which allows them to bind and work below the skin’s surface, mimicking the skin’s own structure to avoid irritation. High-level UVA and UVB filters, along with premium skin care actives, are anchored in the stratum corneum to deliver long-lasting protection and results whilst strengthening the skin barrier.


Which Ultrasun formulations do you recommend for those concerned with pigmentation?

Choose from Ultrasun’s Anti-Pigmentation range of targeted formulas that can be applied every day as part of your daily skincare routine. 


NEW Ultrasun SPF50+ Anti-Pigmentation Face Fluid 

Ultrasun Face SPF50+ Anti-Pigmentation Face Fluid is our lightest formula yet, delivering full spectrum solar protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Formulated with powerful actives including an innovative complex derived from Rainbow Algae shown to visibly brighten and even skin tone,  Fucogel to restore and support the natural barrier for soothed, hydrated skin and Magnolia Officinalis Tree Bark extract which acts as an antioxidant and antimicrobial function.   This extremely lightweight, easily absorbed, non-comedogenic SPF is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. With a UVA filter of 95%, our all-in-one primer, moisturiser, and targeted treatment combines all of your favourite qualities into an SPF perfect for everyday use.


Ultrasun Face Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+

This award-winning formulation remains one of our best-selling favourites. Revolutionary active complex Hexylresorcinol, brightens and evens the skin tone, natural, rare enzyme Ectoin® protects the skin from the effects of UVA induced, premature photo ageing, whilst the 95% UVA filters protect from further damage.  GSP-T complex effectively neutralises skin damaging free radical activity stimulated by exposure to the sun. With a matte finish, this lightweight multi-functional daily moisturiser has a fast absorbing, grease-free texture and is free from emulsifiers, perfumes and preservatives to ensure it’s compatible with the most sensitive skin types.


Ultrasun Face Tinted Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+

Formulated with a hint of warm colour to suit all skin types and tones, this SPF is perfect for no make-up days giving a light, flattering colour correction. In addition to Hexylresorcinol, Ectoin® and GSP-T skincare actives, stabilised Vitamin C is used to prevent the formation melanin with a UVA filter of 95%.


Ultrasun Hand Anti-Ageing and Anti-Pigmentation SPF25

This fast absorbing, non-sticky essential is power packed with encapsulated antioxidants, Ceramides 3 and Niacinamide to help treat and prevent sun and age spots and Prickly Pear Seed Oil to help restore the skin's elasticity. A high UVA filter of 85% prevents further pigmentation and damage.


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