Stay cool with our ultimate summer SPF guide

Stay cool with our ultimate summer SPF guide

Stay cool with our ultimate summer SPF guide

Hooray for Summer!  Sunny days can boost our mood with fun outdoor activities such as festivals and picnics in the park.  However, rising temperatures and humidity can cause problems with our skin, so here’s our essential guide with products and information you need to stay cool and safe this summer.

How do Ultrasun formulas differ to other SPF formulations?

Ultrasun create long lasting high level, Broad-Spectrum UV protection with a wide range of textures to suit every skin type.  Our grease-free light-weight textures are fast absorbing, penetrating down into the skin rather than staying on the surface leaving zero residue.  Due to unique Lamellar technology that slowly releases UV filters throughout the day, it should be applied before other skincare or make-up. Simply apply to clean, dry skin 20 minutes before sun exposure and allow 10-15minutes before following with your regime for the most comfortable SPF protection.

How do I keep my skin hydrated all day long?

One of the most important aspects of maintaining cool summer skin is staying hydrated but no one wants greasy skin on a sunny day, right?  Ultrasun use premium ingredients shown to deliver long lasting hydration without oils to top up hydration levels in a controlled dose to prevent the dreaded summer slick.

Ultrasun face formulas encapsulate skincare actives including Ectoin, a revolutionary enzyme shown to significantly increase and balance hydration levels hours after application to leave your skin smooth and plump.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body and skin hydrated from within and include water-rich food such as watermelon, cucumbers, and citrus fruits which can also contribute to your hydration levels.

What about those prone to prickly heat or sun allergies?

Prickly heat is a common concern in hotter climates.  It’s caused by sweat trapped under the skin leading to irritation.  All Ultrasun products help maintain the skin’s natural balance and are highly recommended by Dermatologists for ultimate skin compatibility without irritation. Accredited with the Swiss Allergy Seal of Quality our formulas are hypoallergenic with no emulsifiers or perfume, making them suitable for babies and the most sensitive skin. Easy absorption and non-comedogenic formulations prevent the onset of sun allergies or prickly heat whilst allowing a natural tan. Lamellar technology is a milestone in sun protection enabling the use of fewer sunscreen filters to reach superior protection levels without irritation. 

How should I care for overheated skin?

Apply Ultrasun After Sun formulated with Aquarich® to deliver intense hydration to overheated skin and free radical Superoxide Dismutase which moisturises and soothes the skin for up to 24 hours to restore optimum levels of hydration whilst supporting the skins natural recovery process.  Instantly cooling, this refreshing lightweight gel is grease free and suitable for the whole family.

Remember to take frequent shade breaks throughout the day and avoid exposure between 11am – 3pm when the sun’s rays are strongest.

Which product do you recommend as your Summer SPF hero?

Keep our hydrating UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50 in your bag to provide instant high-level protection on the go. This invisible top-up formula is touch dry within seconds and can even be applied over make-up!  Don’t forget to apply to your scalp and vulnerable areas of thinning hair and even partings to keep protected. With a 95% UVA filter this sheer mist is infused with powerful antioxidant Infraguard® derived from organic sunflower shoots and tara tree that inhibit light induced skin ageing.

Happy summer!☀️⛱ 🍉🌻

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