Stay sun savvy

Stay sun savvy

Stay sun savvy

Sunny days can be unpredictable, they often appear without warning and they can be very intense.  Sudden exposure to high temperatures and strong UV rays will leave your skin vulnerable but there are guidelines that will help you stay sun savvy.

Know your skin
Choose the correct sun protection product for your individual skin type and climate. Knowing exactly how to correctly apply it is crucial to ensuring that you are properly protected from UV rays.

Apply Ultrasun to clean, dry skin and at least 15- 20 minutes before exposure to the sun and before other skin care and make-up.  Lamellar technology means the formulas are sweat proof, water resistant and tested to last up to 8  hours.  However, if you are in extreme climates, reapply as necessary.

Acclimatise your skin and to build your tolerance gradually.  If your skin has been covered all year, it needs to acclimatise so apply a higher SPF for the first few days.  We recommend SPF50 or Extreme SPF50+ for those with the most vulnerable skin, moving to SPF30 after a few days.

It may be that some areas of your body have been exposed to the sun and acclimatised whilst other areas are more vulnerable.  You can map your SPF applying higher levels to those areas.  Our two year shelf life once opened means you can use your SPF in a targeted way if best for your skin type.  Choose our Face formulas to combat the signs of ageing and to hydrate your skin with clinically proven skin care actives.

 Shade Breaks
We know that it’s tempting to stay out all day to maximising your time in the sun shine but it is important that you take regular shade breaks and that you avoid the midday sun when the UV rays are at their strongest.
Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Your skin will lose more moisture through Trans epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) when hot and so it’s vital to keep your hydration levels topped up.
Cover Up
Wear loose fitting clothing that covers your skin, a wide brimmed hat and UV protection sunglasses.

Carry a top-up to ensure you’re never caught out.  Our Face & Scalp SPF50 Mist delivers high level protection with a UVA filter of 95% making application easy and hygienic. Beautifully lightweight, rich in anti-oxidants and alcohol free, this revolution in sun care is perfect to ensure you don’t miss vulnerable areas such as the ears, back of your neck as well as hairline and partings that are prone to burning.
Replenish & Repair
After spending time in the sun or after exposure to heat you should apply aftercare to cool, rehydrate and repair your skin. Our Aftersun Gel instantly cools overheated skin, hydrating Aquarich increases moisturisation for up to 24 hours whilst it calms and soothes to prevent peeling and signs of premature ageing. Superoxide Dismutase stimulates the skins biological repair system and reduces free radical activity by 58%