New launch - UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50 goes SUPERSIZE

New launch - UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50 goes SUPERSIZE

New launch - UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50 goes SUPERSIZE

We have exciting news! Due to overwhelming demand, we are launching our best-selling UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50 in a 150ml supersize.

Our super lightweight mist is suitable for all skin types and tones delivering high Broad-Spectrum protection in a non-greasy, quick drying and transparent formula with a 95% UVA filter.  Simply apply throughout the day to top up your SPF protection either underneath or on top of make-up.  The touch dry texture can be sprayed onto the hairline, scalp, partings and areas of thinning without leaving a greasy residue.

UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50 is alcohol free and packed with skin loving actives to defend from free radicals and signs of ageing. Infraguard complex combines organic sunflower shoots with extracts from the Tara tree for their exceptional benefits. 

Sunflower oil is easily absorbed and has the highest concentration of phytonutrients, the plant compounds known to promote help defend your skin from UV damage and environmental aggressors. Rich in Vitamin E, oleic and linoleic acid, which is known to support your skins natural barrier, helping it to retain essential moisture. This nourishing plant oil suits all skin types and defends from lines and wrinkles.

The Tara tree is indigenous to the Peruvian Andes and tolerates dry climates and poor soil.  Its pods are rich in highly effective tannins to increase skin firmness and density.

Infraguard significantly protects your skin’s DNA from HEV, also known as blue light, inhibiting light induced skin ageing whilst reducing free radical formation.

Be sure to keep your UV Face & Scalp Mist with you throughout the day to effortlessly top up your protection without disturbing your make-up or hair with an invisible, touch dry SPF to protect from the sun’s harmful UVB and UVA rays.  The “anyway up” spray makes it easy to protect vulnerable yet difficult to reach areas such as the back of your neck and shoulders, as well as the  areas that can be easy to forget such as the ears and scalp.  Simply apply in an even mist keeping your eyes and mouth closed as the fine mist settles into your skin.

Launched only last year to huge accolades, this revolutionary, vegan friendly formula repeatedly sold out in our original full size 75ml.

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