Finding the right SPF for you

Finding the right SPF for you

Finding the right SPF for you

Choosing the right SPF is essential and several factors should be considered such as skin type, weather conditions, and allowing our skin the chance to acclimatise to the sun. To stay safe and to make the right choices, it’s important to understand the information on suncare labels for adequate protection.

Look for Broad-Spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. Skin that hasn’t been exposed to the sun is less able to protect itself. Under the influence of UV rays, the skin begins to thicken and starts to produce melanin, this process can take 10 to 20 days, so use extra protection as your skin is adjusting to the sun. The SPF level indicates protection from UVB rays in heat which burn your skin.

Babies and children need high level protection as well as those with fair, vulnerable skin or those that have a history of sun damage. Be aware that there’s a difference between SPF 50 and SPF 50+. An SPF 50 is tested to be exactly 50, but a 50+ must achieve at least an SPF 60 to get the all important "+" sign. 

UVA rays are present in sunlight, we are exposed to them even on cloudy days. Regardless of the climate, they penetrate deeply, down to the subcutaneous layers of the skin where they cause long term damage as well as interrupting the production of collagen and elastin.  The World Health Organisation advise that up to 90% of the signs of premature ageing is caused by UVA rays.  Hyper-pigmentation may also be triggered by UVA rays overstimulating melanocytes.  Look for the new UVA in a circle sign on the bottle.  Ultrasun products have a UVA rating between 85-95% which is remarkably high against the EU requirement of 33%.

Ultrasun have a range of formulas with added skin care benefits to suit your specific skin type and lifestyle.  Our Face formulas are available in a range of options included tinted to combat the signs of ageing and to address specific concerns such as pigmentation.  Apply as your daily all-in-one moisturiser for long lasting hydration and protection.

Safe tanning is possible when using UV protection, if you love a golden glow, we suggest our Tan Activating range that tricks your skin into producing melanin to maximise every moment your skin is exposed to sunlight, reducing the temptation to spend prolonged periods of time in the sun. Your tan will be deeper, more even and will last longer.  Use with our brand-new Pre-Sun Tan Activator, simply apply as your face and body moisturiser 3-4 days prior to sun exposure for a deeper glow.

For those with sensitive skin, prone to allergies or prickly heat, we recommend our Family SPF30 which is recommended by dermatologists and received an unprecedented 95% recommendation by Mumsnet.  It can be used on the face and body and is Ultrasuns Hero formula.

Our Kids SPF50+ contains a boost of active Celligent® which offers enhanced protection, delivering additional cell and DNA protection.

Finally our Mineral range is Certified 100% Natural by NATRUE, delivering heavy duty protection in a lightweight lotions. This mineral lotion uses 100% natural physical filters.

Ultrasun formulas are free from perfumes, emulsifiers and preservatives and have an exceptional two-year shelf life after opening which enables you to build a comprehensive collection to protect you throughout the change in seasons.

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