NEW Body Tan Activator Sculpt launches in a Supersize 400ml!

NEW Body Tan Activator Sculpt launches in a Supersize 400ml!

NEW Body Tan Activator Sculpt launches in a Supersize 400ml!

Our NEW Body Tan Activator Sculpt is an incredible 3-in-1 formula that combines Broad-spectrum protection with visible skin care benefits.  Stay safe from harmful UV rays with a revolutionary formula that firms and smooths your skin whilst maximising a golden tan for the ultimate skin confidence.

Our priority is sun protection for all. We are dedicated to keeping you safe in the sun, to creating formulas you’ll love to wear and textures that will feel comfortable on your skin with a choice of skin care benefits.

The “Sculpt” formula is the newest addition to the Body Tan Activator range. Supercharged with actives pioneered with award winning technology, it combines active tan accelerator Bronzyl with Actiporine 8G to firm and smooth your skin.  Derived from micro-algae, Actiporine is proven to stimulate lipolytic activity by releasing fatty acids and to support collagen synthesis.  Skin density is increased to reduce lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin smoother and firmer.

Body Tan Activator Sculpt reduces the risk of trauma tanning by enhancing your own natural tan safely and avoiding over exposure. Trauma tanning is the result of inadequate protection causing discomfort and reddening.  These symptoms are evidence of DNA damage to your skin cells which will increase the visible signs of ageing as well as causing possible long-term damage. Rather than a deep golden tan that lasts for weeks, the skin burns and sheds as a method to protect itself leaving your skin damaged and without a tan in days.

Latest generation tan activator Bronzyl in our Body Tan Activator Sculpt SPF30 accelerates your glow by up to 40% in ten days for a faster, deeper, and even tan that lasts longer, whilst protecting against immediate and long-term sun damage.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this lightweight formula is a must have for all tan lovers that want to feel skin confident this summer. 

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