Support your skin with pollution defence

Support your skin with pollution defence

Support your skin with pollution defence

The skin is our largest organ with a natural protection against some environmental aggressors. However, as it meets more environmental aggressors, the skin can find this to be more of a challenge, affecting both its overall appearance and condition.  

Pollutants are damaging materials in the air that can penetrate the skins natural barrier.  They can be natural or manmade materials such as smoke, exhaust fumes, industrial emissions even cooking and cleaning. They can cause oxidative stress resulting in the depletion of moisture and the breakdown of collagen, leading to premature signs of ageing as well as dullness, irritation, and pigmentation.  

We are continuously exposed to prolonged, repetitive exposure to high levels of pollutants which overwhelm the skins natural defences causing the barrier to weaken and damage to spread. The ozone oxidizes the skins lipids, causing inflammation and accelerating the breakdown of the skins barrier function and activating a series of DNA-damaging events.  Melanocytes are housed in the dermis; they give our skin pigment and colour. They are our defence but also our Achilles heel in sun protection. UV rays cause legions in the Melanocytes that can continue to develop after sun exposure. These once healthy cells may become deformed and can begin to attack our healthy system.  

Although it is impossible to avoid our contact with all pollution, we can help to support our skins defence with Antioxidants which neutralise free radicals, preventing them from causing cell damage.  It is possible to increase the skin's protective ability by providing a shield that "breathes" and acts like a second skin to keep pollutants from being absorbed therefore reducing the damage they cause. 

Ultrasun encapsulates UV filters and clinically proven actives within Lamellar technology composed of fine, alternating layers that form an even bond with the skin. These Lamellar gel structures form an invisible film around the active ingredient. This ‘suit of armour’ not only protects the ingredients, but it supports the penetration and action of the active ingredients into the skin. It protects the precious and vulnerable ingredients and allows them to be held in the skin system for hours and hours, releasing clinically proven skincare actives to strengthen your skin barrier, reducing inflammation and redness and to leave it stronger, healthier and feeler smoother.

Ultrasuns Face formulas contain carefully selected actives to combat the effects of pollution. GSP-T is a powerful antioxidant which combines water-soluble Swiss grape seed procyanidins and oil-soluble natural tocopherol also known as Vitamin E. Procyanidins are potent antioxidants found in high concentrations in Swiss Pinot Noir grapes.  The powerful complex offers effective protection against every type of oxidant to protects skin cells against oxidative stress, fighting free radicals and soothing stressed skin to reduce redness.  It reduces the signs of ageing by fighting glycation reaction

Ectoin, a very rare enzyme is powerful natural stress-protection molecule, it has been shown to protect living cells in the most extreme conditions. Preventing Trans-epidermal Water Loss, it increases and balances essential moisture levels for up to 7 days. Ectoin surrounds cells in a coat of stabilising water to protect them from allergens and pollutants, defending them from fluctuating environmental stresses.  

UVA rays remain the single biggest factor in both ageing of the skin and dangerous cell mutation that can cause skin cancer penetrating 90% of cloud cover.   Skin not adequately protected from UV, is even less prepared to combat pollution, then pollution compromises the skin further and the cycle perpetuates itself.  

Ultrasun Face formulas deliver all-in-one crucial Broad-Spectrum Protection with skincare in lightweight, non-greasy textures with zero residue. For those living in urban areas or are exposed to extreme conditions we recommend Ultrasun Face Fluid Anti-Pollution SPF50+ is a highly defensive formula. It provides very high protection, UVA 95% and UVB 50+, and an effective shield from environmental aggressors.

This super lightweight formula boasts a 43% higher concentrate of Ectoin. Super lightweight, its serum like texture works in perfect harmony with other skin care and is a perfect make-up primer. Its many overall skincare benefits are particularly suitable for those with a dry skin type as the higher concentration increases hydration levels.

For ultimate defence, apply Ultrasun protection that combines  antioxidants with Broad Spectrum protection every single day.


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