SPF is your ski season essential⛷

SPF is your ski season essential⛷

SPF is your ski season essential⛷

If you’re planning to hit the slopes this season, we’ve created an easy SPF Ski guide with essential application tips, product recommendations and information to ensure you stay protected from damaging UV rays.  Whether you’re starting out on the nursery slopes, a snowboarding pro or simply enjoying the après ski, we’ve got you covered.

Why is it so important to apply SPF when Skiing?

Whilst glistening white mountain tops are the ideal conditions for winter sports, they’re also the perfect conditions for exposure to UV rays.   

Ski resorts are located at high altitudes, where the air is thinner, and UV radiation is more intense.  The atmosphere's ability to filter UV rays decreases as you ascend the mountain, leading to higher exposure. Snow acts as a giant reflector, bouncing UV radiation back which means that not only are you exposed to direct sunlight from above, but also to the rays reflected off the snow below. The cumulative effect significantly amplifies your UV exposure, making broad-spectrum sun protection imperative.

Should I still apply SPF even if it’s cold and cloudy conditions?

The cold temperatures experienced during skiing can be deceptive and it’s not uncommon to underestimate the need for high level sun protection. UVA rays are present in light and are responsible for damage to DNA which may lead to long-term damage as well as the disruption to our production of collagen and elastin.

Which formulas do you recommend when skiing?

Cold, dry mountain air can leave your skin dehydrated so look for high-level broad-spectrum protection with additional skincare actives. Ultrasun Face SPF50+ is an all-in-one moisturiser that delivers the highest level of UV protection with a UVA filter of 95%. This non-greasy formula is non-comedogenic, free from oils, emulsifiers, and perfumes and suitable for the most sensitive skin. This exceptionally high protection is formulated with clinically proven skin care actives such as Ectoin for long lasting hydration. 

Nourish and shield your lips from the sun and wind, to prevent painful chapping. Ultrasun's Lip Protection SPF 50 and SPF30 deliver high level UV protection whilst soothing with Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Omega 3 & 6 for intense moisture. 

What can I do to protect my eyes when skiing?

Snow blindness, or photokeratitis, is caused by the sun's reflection off snow and ice. Wearing ski goggles with UV protection is crucial for eye health on the slopes but in addition SPF should also be applied as it not only protects your skin but also safeguards your eyes from harmful UV rays. Ultrasun's SPF30 Eye Protection is suitable for the most sensitive eyes. Formulated with GSP-T, Q10 and Myralys to protect and support the delicate eye contour from oxidative stress and free radicals. This incredibly lightweight lamellar formula delivers the actives beneath the skins surface to prevent irritation. 

What should I look for when choosing my skiing SPF kit?

Look for water resistant and sweat proof formulations.  Wet snow and sweat can decrease the efficacy of some sunscreens. Ultrasun formulations use patented Lamellar technology to provide long-lasting, high-level, water-resistant and sweat proof protection. Lamellar gel structures have a high affinity to the natural structure of the skin which allows them to bind and work below the skin’s surface, mimicking the skin’s own structure and supporting the natural barrier to avoid irritation.

How should I apply Ultrasun SPF for the slopes?

Apply Ultrasun to clean, dry skin before other skin care to enable the UV filters and actives to penetrate beneath the skins surface and to ensure even, full coverage.  Apply before getting dressed and at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.  Follow the directions on individual packaging and don’t forget to include the back of your neck, ears, hands and arms.

Should I reapply SPF throughout the day?

Ultrasun formulations deliver long lasting protection. The unique lamellar gel structures encapsulate broad spectrum filters, slowly releasing them beneath the skin surface throughout the day. Further application should be applied after extreme climates and after extensive sweating.  Ultrasun's UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50 is the perfect quick drying top-up. Infused with powerful antioxidant InfraGuard® derived from sunflower shoots and the tara tree. This transparent, non-greasy spray can be applied on top of make-up and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.  Perfect for essential SPF reapplication on the go.

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