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Your Guide to Summer Family Sun Protection

Your Guide to Summer Family Sun Protection

Your Guide to Summer Family Sun Protection

Summer holidays and outdoor adventures are here! Whether planning a family holiday, a picnic in the park, or just a day of outdoor play, keeping everyone safe in the sun is crucial. We’ve created a guide to selecting the correct SPF for every member of your family, including young children and those with sensitive skin with tips on how to stay safe whilst having fun in the sun.

What makes Ultrasun the perfect family SPF?

We are the only suncare brand to use patented Lamellar technology to provide long-lasting, high-level, water-resistant protection. Lamellar gel structures have a high affinity to the natural structure of the skin which allows them to bind and work below the skin’s surface, mimicking the skin’s structure to avoid irritation. Our Sun protection is anchored in the stratum corneum and delivers long-lasting protection whilst strengthening the skin barrier. High-quality UVA and UVB filters work alongside skin-loving ingredients and remain within the skin’s layers throughout the day for long-lasting protection.

Which SPF is best for babies and those with vulnerable skin?

Babies and children need high-level protection as well as those with fair, vulnerable skin or those that have a history of sun damage. Babies under 6 months old should be kept out of the sun, but for total peace of mind apply Ultrasun Extreme SPF50+ which delivers the highest levels of protection and a UVA filter of 95% Cover babies' delicate skin and feet with protective clothes, protect their head and face with a wide-brimmed hat and use a stroller with a canopy or hood. 

What about those prone to prickly heat or sun allergies?

Prickly heat is a common concern in hotter climates and is caused by sweat trapped under the skin leading to irritation.  All Ultrasun products are highly recommended by Dermatologists for ultimate skin compatibility without irritation. Accredited with the Swiss Allergy Seal of Quality our formulas are hypoallergenic with no emulsifiers or perfume, making them suitable for the most sensitive skin. Easy absorption and non-comedogenic formulations prevent the onset of sun allergies or prickly heat whilst allowing a natural tan. Lamellar technology is a milestone in sun protection enabling the use of fewer sunscreen filters to reach superior protection levels without irritation. 

Do you have a dedicated SPF for children?

Yes, our Kids SPF50+ contains a boost of active Celligent® which offers enhanced protection, delivering additional cell and DNA protection.

What level of protection does SPF50+ deliver?

There’s a difference between SPF 50 and SPF 50+. An SPF 50 is tested to be exactly 50, but a 50+ must achieve at least an SPF 60 to get the all-important "+" sign. 

Which formula would suit every member of the family?

Our best-selling Family SPF30 is our hero formulation and a household must-have. This lightweight SPF contains skin-loving ingredients including antioxidant complex GSP-T and Vitamin E and a 90% UVA filter.  The light-weight, non-greasy texture can be applied to the face and body making it ideal as an all-in-one SPF solution.

Are water-resistant formulas completely waterproof?

Water-resistant formulas are tailored for prolonged water immersion but that doesn’t mean waterproof, no sun protection formula is completely waterproof. All Ultrasun formulas are water resistant, and tested to ensure up to 40 minutes of protection underwater. Water-resistant formulas are a great option not just for when you are swimming but also if you are active playing sports or perspiring.


In addition to wearing your SPF, don’t forget to follow these simple rules to keep everyone safe this Summer;

Take regular shade Breaks - It’s tempting to stay out all day to make the most of your time in the sun but it is important that you take regular shade breaks and that you avoid the midday sun when the UV rays are at their strongest.

Keep hydrated - Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Your skin will lose more moisture through Trans epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) when hot so it’s vital to keep your hydration levels topped up.

Cover Up - Wear loose-fitting clothing that covers your skin, a wide-brimmed hat and UV protection sunglasses.

Top-Up - Carry a top-up to ensure you’re never caught out.  Our Face & Scalp SPF50 Mist delivers high-level protection with a UVA filter of 95% making application easy and hygienic. Beautifully lightweight, rich in anti-oxidants and alcohol-free, this revolution in sun care is perfect to ensure you don’t miss vulnerable areas such as the ears, back of your neck as well as hairline and partings that are prone to burning.

Replenish & Repair - after spending time in the sun or after exposure to heat you should apply aftercare to cool, rehydrate and repair your skin. Our Aftersun Gel instantly cools overheated skin, hydrating Aquarich increases moisturisation for up to 24 hours whilst it calms and soothes to prevent peeling and signs of premature ageing. Superoxide Dismutase stimulates the skin's biological repair system and reduces free radical activity by 58%

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